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Week 14: Red Bulls-Whitecaps in Review

And the Red Bulls' unbeaten streak comes to an end.

June 1, 2013: Red Bulls 1, Whitecaps 2

It wasn't pretty, and that's why the Red Bulls seven game unbeaten streak came to an end Saturday night.

The Red Bulls just didn't look comfortable playing in front of their home fans, which has become something of a pattern as of late. Matters were complicated by Jamison Olave's second half red card, sure, but that was no excuse for the way the team played.

To make things worse, the team just seems devoid of ideas in the final third.

Saturday night's loss, too, ends the four game home stand in which they went 1-1-1 in league play (2-1-1 if you count the week's Open Cup game).


  • There's a three week break before the team's next league game...


  • The Red Bulls will miss Olave for their next game.
  • That's their second home loss this season. Last year, their first loss at Red Bull Arena didn't come until September.
  • The Red Bulls played some absolutely great games this season. The last few haven't quite been there.

Notable Quotes

Mike Petke, via the New York Post (with added context)...

After snapping at almost every question asked him, Petke quickly exited, before making a U-turn and calling the press back in a second time for an apology.

"You know me as a player: You know how I am. I respect everything you guys do, But just deal with me, OK? I don't mean anything personally. I'm a fired-up guy. I go back and watch the tape and calm down, so I'm not used to the whole ushering in and answering questions as soon as we lost at home.

"I respect all you guys, all the things you write, God's honest truth. Just deal with me, OK?"

Thierry Henry, via the Post...

"You can't concede goals like the goal we conceded," a clearly vexed Henry said. "You can't win football games conceding goals like this. It just can't happen. ... Hopefully sometimes when you lose people do wake up.

"I'm talking about the team. Don't go and say I said teammate and stuff like that. I'm talking about the team, me included. Before I read the bull."

Relevant Stats

Red Bulls Statistic Whitecaps
13 Attempts on Goal 12
1 Corners 6
9 Fouls 10
19 Crosses 98
83% Passing Accuracy 75%
65.7% Possession 34.3%