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MLS Insider: Tim Cahill's Journey from Australia to New York

Friday night, MLS's new weekly show debuted. The first segment? Tim Cahill.

In something of an aggressive media push, this week MLS announced a new "content distribution group" called MLS+. Part of that is MLS Insider, a weekly documentary show channeling the likes of NFL Films and NBC Sport's 36 series. The show debuted Friday with features on Tim Cahill, Robbie Rogers and the Sons of Ben.

The very first segment? Cahill's journey from Australia, where he was told he was too small to be a professional soccerp layer, to England and, eventually, to New York to play for the Red Bulls.

As MLS is wont to do, the segments are up online. You can see the whole thing, complete with the Rogers and the Sons of Ben, here. Above is the Cahill spot (which is probably the best done one).

The show is being produced by Hock Films. If that name doesn't ring a bell, I don't blame you, but you've probably seen their work before. Hock Films and Jonathan Hock are responsible for a few of ESPN's (really, really awesome) 30 for 30 documentaries. Namely, The Best There Never Was, about Marcus Dupree, a high school football standout who never lived up to expectations, and Survive and Advance, about NC State basketball coach Jim Valvano (both are worth watching, but Survive and Advance was especially good, in my opinion).