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Week 15: Wrapping Up Union-Red Bulls

A dismal, dismal showing extends the Red Bulls' losing streak.

June 23, 2013: Union 3, Red Bulls 0

I guess that's what three weeks off gets you: a dismal, dismal game.

The Red Bulls went down early, Lloyd Sam got sent off and then the Philadelphia Union poured it on, drubbing the hapless Red Bulls to the tune of 3-0.

It was, by far and away, the Red Bulls worst showing of the year. They couldn't even muster a shot on target.

The loss extends the Red Bulls losing streak to three (if you could the Open Cup) and they've only won once in their last five.


  • None. Again.


  • I've thought for some time now that Sam could be the solution on the right side of the midfield and he just needs some time to blend in. Maybe it's a knee jerk reaction after his red card, but I'm not so sure that's the case anymore.
  • Jamison Olave is the Red Bulls backline. Thankfully, he's stayed healthy and only really sat out games because of turf or discipline. With Heath Pearce, the still-unknown quantity that is Digao and fresh-out-of-high-school Matt Miazga potential replacements, Andy Roxburgh should start looking for some centerback depth.
  • I'm not so sure I understand why you bring Kosuke Kimura on for Brandon Barklage to start a second half where you're down to 10 men and trailing by a goal.
  • Again, the Red Bulls had no shots on target. As in zero. None.
  • After going unbeaten for eight games in all competitions, the Red Bulls are 1-3-1 in their last five. The only game I remember them being threatening in is the Open Cup win over Reading United. A team comprised of college kids.
  • It'd be easy to say there were a bunch of changes from the normal starting XI. This goes past that. The Red Bulls are in a funk I thought would dissipate with the break. It didn't and now Head Coach Mike Petke has to do something.
  • My "THERE ARE NO POSITIVES" list of positives is losing it's affect...

Notable Quotes

Petke, via the New York Post...

"As a team, we did some good things and some things I didn't like. But it was tough, especially without certain players, we were down three guys and then we get red-carded. Overall it's a bad loss for us. There were some good things and some bad things," said Red Bulls coach Mike Petke, who was notably composed considering his competitive streak and tendency to wear his heart on his sleeve.

"The reason I'm keeping it together is we got a red card 20 minutes into the game, on the road, (at a) sold out house, (against) a team that's playing well and we're down a man for 70 minutes. So there's not too much...if we'd come in and lost 3-0 without a red card, I would've been very different right now, and I probably would've been damaging things."

Sam, via Empire of Soccer...

"I felt I let my team down," Sam said after the match. "It was already a tough game with 11 so that wasn't easy. He had a bad touch and we both went for the ball, which is something that happens in soccer all the time, but you have to go hard or you get hurt yourself.

"The ball was in front of me I'm not really sure how to go for that ball, but I would like to see the replay. Until then, I can't really say."

Relevant Stats

Union Statistic Red Bulls
17 Attempts on Goal 8*
8 Corners 3
13 Fouls 7
18 Crosses 11
81% Passing Accuracy 79%
50.2% Possession 49.8%


*It bears repeating, because I cannot say it enough, none of those shots were on target. Not one. Zero.