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Report: Digao Is Done

A report from Kristian Dyer at Big Apple Soccer suggest Digao is out.

Christian Petersen

Reportedly, the New York Red Bulls are done with Digao.

The Brazilian centerback, known more for being Kaka's brother than being competent soccer player, is out, according to Kristian Dyer at Big Apple Soccer. According to Dyer, Digao was not in attendance for the Red Bulls' 4-0 drubbing of the Montreal Impact lats night and his nameplate has been taken off his locker at Red Bull Arena.

Digao played all of one minute with the team, a function of his size rather than his ability, put on late in last year's playoff loss to D.C. United to give the Red Bulls one more big body to knock home a set piece goal. It didn't work out that way.

Since then, he's hardly made the game day 18 and has been often injured. All while getting paid $200,000.

This move gives the Red Bulls options moving forward. With the transfer window open, Andy Roxburgh and Mike Petke can go out and find a winger and some defensive depth.

Digao was, according to some, nothing more than bait to get his brother in a red and white kit and with his constant injuries, his trips back and forth between the New York area and Brazil, I'm hard pressed not to agree. Regardless of why he'sh ere, thankfully, the guys running the team figured they could use the $200,000 better.