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What We Know, What We Don't Know and What We Might Know: Toronto FC Edition

In which we figure out just how much we've learned about Toronto FC.


After an impressive showing against a [supposedly] tough side in the Montreal Impact and a "no one got hurt so we're calling this a win" draw against French side Lyon, the New York Red Bulls are heading back to Toronto feeling hot. Their last trip north of the border started well (thanks to Tim Cahill), got hairy in the middle (Thanks to what might be the most bone headed play of the season by Luis Robles) and ended in a 2-1 win (thanks again to Tim Cahill). So New York has got to like their chances going into this Saturday's match.

Here's what we know:

  • Toronto FC is bad.
How bad is Toronto FC, you ask? They recently lost to Chivas USA while being up a man for the majority of the match. If that doesn't answer your question, nothing will.

I couldn't tell you why, but the supporters in Toronto never seem to learn their lesson. They continuously mock Henry and he seems to greatly enjoy harassing them back, both with his dominating play and his antagonizing taunts. As evidence, see exhibit A. The lesson here? Don't make Titi angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.

Here's what we don't know:

The Canadian club has had something of a fire sale lately. They seem to be cleaning house and, while there are rumors of big signings on the way, no one on their current squad really elicits any kind of concern.....we'll maybe Robert Earnshaw is a little bit scary, but not really.

  • Will New York have their scoring boots on?
They may have hung four on the Impact, but I'm still not convinced by their attack. We can't count on Tim Cahill putting in another brace and rest of the squad hasn't exactly been lighting up the scoresheet. Will we see the same New York we saw against Montreal, or will we see the lifeless, miserable attack we saw two weeks ago in Colorado?

Here's what we think we might know:

  • The Red Bulls are lousy on the road, right?
You could say they're lousy on the road, but they also usually do okay in Toronto. In fact, they haven't lost in BMO Field since June of 2009. Not a bad streak, but this by no means guarantees a win.

  • How many goals is Peguy Luyindula is going to score?
The answer is three. Peguy Luyindula will score three goals and earn man of the match for the Red Bulls. The flood gates were opened as soon as Thierry Henry handed over penalty kick duties last week. You've been warned.