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Cardiff City Wants Henry, Please Hold Your Laughter For the Duration of This Story

There's a lot of things I want, too, Cardiff City...


Bored by this year's transfer season? The end of the romancing of Kaka got you down? No Stephen Ireland-to-New York rumors to get you excited? Waiting for an agent to gush about how interested the Red Bulls are in his client?

Well, what about this?

Of course, this has no chance in hell of actually happening. No one has ever referred to Cardiff as the capital of the world, and that's exactly why Henry plays for the Red Bulls to begin with.

As ridiculous as this is, it's only about three-quarters an inane pipe dream. Cardiff City was just promoted to the Premier League, helped along by Malaysian businessmen Vincent Tan and Dato Chan Tien Ghee, who pushed the team through a controversial investment-for-rebranding trade at the start of last season. Chan has since left, but Tan is still around and the team is, apparently, still looking to buy.

The money angle aside, it's still three-quarters an inane pipe dream.