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Digao is Out, Officially

The Red Bulls have officially parted ways with Digao.

Such intensity.
Such intensity.
Christian Petersen

It was reported last weekend that Digao, the oft-injured centerback paid $200,000 for his troubles, and the Red Bulls would be parting ways.

There was some doubt if last week's reports were true, but this morning, the team made it official.

When Digao was signed last year, then-Head Coach Hans Backe gushed about his physical prowess and his technical skill, but only saw fit to play him one minute in the waning minutes of the season ending loss to D.C. United. That was a function of his height (he's 6'4") more than anything, with the Swede hoping he could knock in a free kick goal.

Since then he's been hurt more often than not and struggled to make it into the game day 18, all while taking home one of team's biggest paychecks.

When he signed, there was much speculation that Digao was bait for Kaka, with Erik Soler and company hoping that paying his brother far above market value would incite the midfielder to come to New York. That didn't happen and since Kaka-to-New York died last week and Digao is cut this week, I'm hard pressed to disagree.