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Well...This is Awkward: Joel Lindpere Not Getting Minutes in Chicago

Things don't seem to be going well in the Second City for the Estonian midfielder.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when the Red Bulls traded Joel Lindpere to the Chicago Fire for an international slot?

Reportedly, the Estonian midfielder wanted out because of roster churn and a role on the wing. He and Hans Backe didn't get along and when the firing squad got called in, Lindpere didn't want to go through yet another rebuilding. So the Red Bulls flipped him.

But things aren't going well along Lake Michigan.

Over the last three games, Lindpere has come off the bench, something he seldom did in his three years with the Red Bulls. He doesn't sound thrilled with it either...

"I think I try to stay involved and ask, 'Can I do more?'" Lindpere said. "I see that the guys who don't play, they have so much free time and so much freedom, and I try to push myself and push others to get fitness and practice.

"When you're normally not in the lineup, then you can enjoy and relax every day, and that's not how it should not be. The last two weeks, really, I've been not training very hard because I don't have too much to do in the practices because the first team is concentrating on their things, and that's the thing when you've got to push yourself more."

Hey, Lindpere seems like he just wants minutes and the Red Bulls need a winger. He doesn't seem to harbor much ill will toward the team -- reportedly, he even showed up at a Red Bulls game this season -- despite the way things ended. So...transfer target, maybe?