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Thierry Henry gets New York-Themed Full Sleeve

The guys at Bang Bang Tattoos finished up Thierry Henry's new full sleeve tattoo. And it's pretty cool.

Mike Stobe

If you thought we were a little harsh in our criticism of Cardiff City pining for Thierry Henry's services, then take this as evidence that the French legend really does like New York.

Yesterday, Bang Bang Tattoos posted a video on their Instagram account video of Henry showing off his new full sleeve, featuring the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge and his daughter.

Henry's fascination with New York is well documented, but no one knew it was enough for him to immortalize it on his arm. We already knew he dreamt of playing here as a teenager and its why he picked the Red Bulls and MLS over a number of European teams. The cynic will say its because he knows he's past it but he played well during his loan to Arsenal last winter, despite being on the wrong side of 30.

He can still play -- that's what got Cardiff City calling -- but there are few cities on Earth like New York. And now he can show it off.