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Trendspotting: Things to Bet on for Saturday

The Red Bulls and the Union have played each other 10 times. Some trends have emerged.


If there's one thing you can bet on when the Red Bulls play the Union, it's that there will be a winner and there will be a loser.

The two have played each other 10 times since the Union entered the league in 2010, nine times in the league and once in the Open Cup. The Red Bulls have won seven times, the Union three times. The two have never played to a draw.

Another trend: The Red Bulls have never lost to the Union at home, posting a 5-0 record in Red Bull Arena. In those games, the Red Bulls outscored Philadelphia side nine goals to three.

For reference, away from home, the Red Bulls aren't as fortunate, but did get decent results, posting 2-3-0 record in PPL Park. The last game ended in a 3-0 drubbing, flipping the script on the Red Bulls from the game before. Overall, the Red Bulls have scored seven goals and given up eight.

Another point of reference relevant for Saturday's match: While the Red Bulls road woes are well documentedthey're 7-2-2 at home, one of the league's better home records. Away from home, the Union aren't great, but they aren't terrible either, posting a 4-4-3 record.

I'll avoid jinxing the team -- and lord knows they're jinxable -- and let you make the predictions for Saturday's match.

As the old saying goes, past performance is the best indicator of future behavior.