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Horror Tackle earns Alvarez Three Game Suspension.

Yordany Alvarez gets a three game time-out to sit and think about what he has done.


Supporters of the New York Red Bulls have been demanding satisfaction ever since Tim Cahill suffered what he claimed was "the worst tackle" of his life at the hands (or feet) of Real Salt Lake defender, Yordany Alvarez during the early minutes of last Saturday's match. That satisfaction has finally arrived in the form of a three match ban for Alvarez as handed down by the disciplinary committee.

While the tackle should have earned Alvarez a straight red card, head referee Silviu Petrescu decided that a yellow would suffice. It turns out the disciplinary committee (and anyone with a working pair of peepers) thought otherwise. Alvarez's suspension will start immediately, while Cahill will be out for an additional three to four weeks with a torn PCL.