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Hello, David Carney: Aussie Will Have to Step Up Without Lade, Miller

He didn't travel last week, but with the team's injury situation, new signing David Carney will have to step up.

Robert Cianflone

Yesterday, Head Coach Mike Petke told bench players they needed to step up if they wanted to get into the starting XI.

The implication was that there are places up for grabs but for one David Carneyit looks like one might get handed to him.

For Saturday's match-up against D.C. United, Jamison Olave is still one the mend, as are Roy Miller, who was subbed out Sunday, and Connor Lade, who's been fighting injuries all season.

That leaves Carney and Kosuke Kimura to fill in at left back, should Miller not be able to go.

Kimura made his return after a nasty concussion and ruptured eardrum kept him out of a few games. While it was great to see him on the field again, Sporting Director Andy Roxburgh brought Carney in specifically for this situation. And Kimura is more of a right back anyway.

Regardless, Carney will probably make the bench, especially with the lack of defensive depth thanks to the aforementioned injuries. But either way -- bench or starting -- it'll be Carney's first time suiting up in nearly a year.

Let's hope he remembers how to play.