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Week 29: Playoff Picture Update

The Red Bulls 2-0 win over Toronto FC has them #1 in the East, but how does the rest of the playoff picture look?

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Every week for the rest of the year, we'll be reviewing the playoff picture and the Red Bulls' place in the race for the MLS Cup playoffs.

Current Standings:

Results That Affect NY

  • Toronto FC 1-1 Chicago
    • This result means one of Chicago's games in hand goes wasted as they only gained 1 point.
  • Montreal 1-2 Columbus
    • While Columbus won, they didn't gain any ground due to New York's win. However, Montreal losing means that they can only leapfrog New York by 3 points when they make up their two games in hand.
  • Philadelphia 0-1 Houston
    • While this allows Houston to jump back into the top 5, they don't make up any ground, and Philadelphia falls farther away from New York.
  • Chicago 3-2 New England
    • Same outcome as Philly-Houston.

Teams Eliminated This Week: Toronto FC (max points of 38)

Points Needed to Clinch Playoff Spot: 55, Philadelphia maxes out at 54 points.

Can New York Clinch a Playoff Spot This Week? No

New York's Matches This Week:

Other Matches to Watch This Week:

  • September 21:
    • Montreal vs Vancouver
      • Best result is a Montreal loss.
    • Toronto FC vs Sporting KC
      • Since Toronto is now eliminated, the best result is a Sporting KC loss.
    • New England vs D.C. United
      • Best result is a D.C. United win as they are already eliminated.
    • Columbus vs Chicago
      • The resuts that benefit New York the most are a draw or Columbus win.
    • Houston vs Chivas USA
      • Best result is a Houston loss.