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Week 28 Playoff Roundup

It's time to take a look and see how the NY Red Bulls are doing in the playoff race.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Every week for the rest of the year, we'll be reviewing the playoff picture and the Red Bulls' place in the race for the MLS Cup playoffs.

Current Standings:

# Team Points GP
1 Montreal Impact 45 28
2 New York Red Bulls 45 28
3 Sporting Kansas City 45 28
4 Philadelphia Union 39 28
5 New England Revolution 37 27
6 Houston Dynamo 37 27
7 Chicago Fire 35 26
8 Columbus Crew 32 28
9 Toronto FC 22 27
10 D.C. United (Eliminated) 14 27

Results That Helped NY:

  • Columbus 2-0 Houston
    • While Columbus gained ground with this victory, Houston lost one of it's games in hand on NY.
  • New England 2-4 Montreal
    • While Montreal stayed even with NY, New England was not able to gain any ground.
  • San Jose 1-0 Philadelphia
    • This result, along with NY's win, allowed for separation between the Bulls and Union.
  • Chivas 1-0 D.C. United
    • This result doesn't actually help New York, but D.C.'s loss to Chivas means they are the first team eliminated from the MLS Playoffs.

Points Needed to Clinch Playoff Spot: 59, Houston maxes out at 58 points.

Can New York Clinch a Playoff Spot This Week? No

New York's Matches This Week:

  • New York vs Toronto

Other Matches to Watch This Week:

  • September 11:
    • Toronto vs Chicago
      • Toronto cannot catch up to New York (max of 43 points). The best result is for Toronto to win as it'll take away one of Chicago's games in hand without Chicago gaining ground.
  • September 14:
    • Montreal vs Columbus
      • From a playoff spot point of view, the best result is Montreal winning, reducing the max number of points Columbus can earn. With Columbus 13 points behind though, a better result would be Columbus winning as it'll help New York with positioning.
    • Philadelphia vs Houston
      • Best result would be a draw as neither team would get three points, allowing for New York to put more space between the two teams.
    • Chicago vs New England
      • The best result would be a draw for the same reason as Philadelphia-Houston.