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Xavi-to-Red Bulls Rumors Heat Up

Maybe there's more to that rumor than we initially thought...

David Ramos

Saturday, we were pretty nonplussed about the idea of a 35-year-old Xavi in a Red Bulls jersey.

But it looks like there's more to this rumor than we initially thought and if a new report is to be believed, he's coming this summer.

That the Red Bulls have reached out to the 33-year-old midfielder -- the greatest ever by some accounts -- through captain Thierry Henry was reported Friday by Spanish sports rag Diario AS. The rumor gained a bit more legitimacy Saturday when Gianluca DiMarzio reported it on his website.

DiMarzio, a well-respected Italian soccer writer whose rumors hold a bit more water than your run-of-the-mill tabloid, reports Barcelona is willing to let Xavi walk even though he's got two years left on his contract, and for cheap. Talks are underway, DiMarzio writes, though they're not done yet (the crude Google Translation doesn't make it clear if the talks are between the Red Bulls and Xavi or the Red Bulls and Barcelona).

If the move does happen, it's unlikely Xavi pulls on a Red Bulls shirt until after the World Cup.

Still, timing aside, Xavi in a Red Bulls shirt in 2014 would be huge. Not only does he fill the role the Red Bulls have long been missing, a playmaking midfielder, they're getting one of the best of all time. It would, almost undoubtedly make the 2014 Red Bulls the most talented team in league history.