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Report: Xavi to the Red Bulls Isn't Happening

Just as it was getting hot, league sources throw cold water on the Xavi-to-the-Red Bulls rumor.

David Ramos

The brief Xavi-to-the-Red Bulls saga has seen much of the rumor play out across the Atlantic, with European reporters compiling reports that Xavi, the 33-year-old Barcelona midfielder, was ready to make a jump to MLS.

Sources on this side of the water have been silent, at least until today. League sources have told Empire of Soccer's Dave Martinez that there's "nothing to" the rumors.

There has, however, been some contact between Xavi's camp and the league, just not the way you'd expect...

Several sources out of Florida tell EOS that representatives from Xavi's camp are taking in the MLS Combine. While one would assume that their presence would be directly connected to negotiations with the Red Bulls, that does not seem to be the case.

In Major League Soccer's continuing effort to expand their global presence, the league has arranged for a large conglomerate of respected Spanish agents to attend the Combine and speak to league officials to learn more about the intricacies of the American game. Amongst them are representatives for Xavi.


Spanish agents met with Red Bull brass this week, but the topic of Xavi was never broached.

So that rumor cooled off just about as quickly as it got hot, though it does sound like a roundabout explanation for their presence.