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The Red Bulls Bid For...Armando Lozano?

This isn't the transfer news we were looking for.

Lozano is NOT the one in red and blue.
Lozano is NOT the one in red and blue.
David Ramos

According to the Spanish press, the Red Bulls have made a bid for...

Wait for it...

Wait for it...

Armando Lozano!

Yeah, this isn't the signing we've all been looking for, is it?

The 29-year-old defender plays for Cordoba in the Spanish second division where, according to this horrifically translated article, he's under contract until 2015. Meaning the Red Bulls will have to pay for Lozano. A fringe player on Cordoba. Whose spent his entire career outside of the top flight.

The news has caught on here a bit, too, with the New York Post's Brian Lewis tweeting "there may be legs" to the rumor.

If Lozano does come, it's likely he'll be little more than roster filler, behind Jamison Olave, Ibrahim Sekagya and possibly Matt Miazga on the depth chart. Why, exactly, the Red Bulls have to expend transfer fees, salary they don't really have and an international slot on a guy who couldn't catch on in Spain or Mexico, where he played with Veracruz in the Mexican second division, is above our collective pay grade here at Once a Metro. Especially when there are centerbacks in the draft.

But, hey, it's a signing, something we were clamoring for just a few days ago. So are you excited? Yeah, us neither.

The winter of our discontent continues.