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Report: Xavi's Coming After the World Cup

Just forget all those posts we made over the last two days.

David Ramos

So here we are.

Barcelona's Xavi is, again, linked to the Red Bulls.

How legitimate this report is remains to be seen -- hell, we might not even find out until the World Cup is over -- but the chatter is that Palmeri can be reliable but I suppose we'll find out sooner rather than later.

If this is true, this is not only one of the biggest signings in league history, but almost immediately makes the Red Bulls the most talented team in MLS history.

Let's remember how we got here, too: It started as a bit of a curiosity, then moved into "just maybe," before being refuted. Then, the 33-year-old midfielder was connected to NYCFC, making things go from "not so bad" to "completely awful."

But if this report is correct, Xavi will be a Red Bull once the World Cup is over in July.

Here's hoping.