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Red Bulls Take Akron's Eric Stevenson at 34

Red Bulls look like they went for upside with their second, and final, pick.

With the 34th overall pick in the SuperDraft the Red Bulls took the University of Akron's Eric Stevenson.

Stevenson looks like he's a pick for the future, with's scouting report describing him as a guy with some upside if put in the right place. The report...

Stevenson is one of the most skillful, technical players at a school that's known for producing them. A wide midfielder who's good in 1-v-1 situations, he can cut inside and dribble by guys. His shot from distance can be devastating, and he can pick a pass decently. Stevenson's performance suffered this year partly because he was playing through a torn labrum, but even without the injury, Stevenson isn't quite the complete package. He's quick over five yards, but not particularly fast over distance. He can be inconsistent at times, and he's not a great defender. Stevenson was a great fit for Akron's system, but in a system where he would have to hug the sideline and go box-to-box, athleticism could rear its head as an issue.'s Franco Panizo notes that the player the Red Bulls really wanted, Jared Watts, college teammate of their earlier pick, Chris Duvall, went one pick higher to the Colorado Rapids.

We'll see how much of a consolation prize Stevenson turns out to be.