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Report: Red Bulls Ink Lozano

A report is suggesting the Red Bulls have made their second acquisition of the off-season, bringing Spanish defender Armando Lozano into the fold.

David Ramos

News that the Red Bulls were working on a deal with Armando Lozano, the seldom used Grenada defender, was, well, unexciting (to say the least).

But the defender, who's spent most of his career in the Spanish second division and isn't even playing much for Grenada, has inked a deal with the Red Bulls, according to Dave Martinez at Empire of Soccer.

According to his ESPNFC profile, Lozano has been a spot starter for most of his career, jumping from Levante to Barcelona B to Mexican second division side Veracruz to Cordoba. He's never made more than 24 league appearances in a season and only made four with Veracruz.

Like we said before, Lozano will probably be the third or fourth choice centerback for the Red Bulls, and with the salary cap situation the way it is, it's a little confusing as to why the role couldn't be filled by an American, whose salary requirements are likely lower.

Of course, we won't know much about Lozano's contract until the Player's Union releases salary figures. We just have to hope they didn't break the bank for him, especially when they're spending a good chunk of change on Ibrahim Sekagya, who was iffy down the stretch last year.