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There's Only Two Miguel Ibarras

The Red Bulls are, apparently, interested in the other Miguel Ibarra (the one who plays for Minnesota in the NASL, not the Ecuadorian one).

Andy Marlin

Earlier this week, we tackled the convoluted mess that comes with desiring two players of the same name -- one of whom is already under contract.

But apparently the Red Bulls are serious about the 23-year-old Miguel Ibarra who plies his trade with Minnesota United in addition to the 29-year-old Ecuadorian one they already have in camp. Kristian Dyer at Big Apple Soccer reports that the Red Bulls are interested in the younger Ibarra, and even invited him to training camp. Today's report essentially expands on reporting he did last week that suggested the Red Bulls did want to bring the younger Ibarra into camp, but his club prevented him from doing so.

If the Red Bulls want Ibarra, it'll cost them, though. The earlier Big Apple Soccer report says Minnesota would expect the Red Bulls to pay a transfer fee, adding to his cap hit. With the Red Bulls' salary cap situation the way it is, it's unlikely they'll be able to make a play for him, which confirms Dyer's most recent report that Ibarra's agent told him the Red Bulls wouldn't make a bid for him right now.

According to Ibarra, the Red Bulls hold his discovery rights, which means if another team, like the Chicago Fire -- who are supposedly also interested -- picks him up, the Red Bulls can get some compensation.

But with these sort of deals, if there's a will, there's a way, and Dyer quotes Ibarra as wanting to play in North America's top league.

With Ibarra's talent -- he was in the NASL's Bext XI last season -- he'll be in an MLS jersey sooner rather than later. The willingness of MLS teams to pay a transfer fee will determine if it's a Red Bulls shirt or not.