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The Xavi Rumors Just Won't Die

Just when you thought it was dead and buried...

Think he looks good in blue.
Think he looks good in blue.
Claudio Villa

Unless you're the kind of person willing to wave away the preponderance of evidence that Barcelona midfielder Xavi probably isn't going to play for the Red Bulls with a "they doth protest too much," the rumors are pretty much dead.

Both sides, Xavi, who apparently lives under a rock because he can't tell you a damn thing about New York except that it gets cold, and the Red Bulls (on many levels) have dismissed the rumors.

But wait! Here's another one!

Of course, this time, Xavi will be suiting up for NYCFC, not the Red Bulls, but we've heard that one before, too. It's worth pointing out that I can't remember a time ESPN Deportes has been right once about the Red Bulls or MLS since I've started blogging here.

The point, really, is that this rumor just. Won't. Die. No matter how many people throw cold water on it, someone is willing to step up to the plate to say it's a done deal, even though it's pretty much dead.

But it is silly season, at least for the next few days. I'd be surprised, though, if we could make it through without at least one inane rumor surfacing. But we'll see.