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Thierry Henry plays 11,000th minute for New York Red Bulls

It wasn't a great game - for the captain or anyone else in a Red Bulls shirt - but RBNY's 1-3 loss to Columbus Crew on 10/19 2014 was significant...

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Even in games he'd like to forget, Thierry Henry can't avoid moments to remember.

There is a distressingly high likelihood that the New York Red Bulls 1-3 loss to Columbus Crew on Sunday, October 19, 2014 will be recorded as Henry's last competitive game at Red Bull Arena.

To avoid having one of RBNY's worst performances of the season - and arguably the entire four-and-a-half year Henry era in Harrison - linger as the last time Red Bulls fans got to see the great man on their home field, the team will either have to beat Sporting Kansas City in Kansas City in its last game of the 2014 regular season, or win a playoff game on the road.

Hope springs eternal, especially for fans of this club.

Regardless of whether losing to Columbus was the last time Henry will kick a ball in anger in Harrison, the match was a significant moment in his RBNY career: it was the game in which he passed 11,000 minutes in all competitions for the New York Red Bulls.

Henry is just the eighth player in the club's 19-seasons-and-a-rebrand history to play 11,000 minutes of competitive soccer for the team.

He joins Mike Petke, Dane Richards, Carlos Mendes, Tony Meola, Seth Stammler, Steve Jolley, and Jeff Parke - all of whom also comprise the even more exclusive RBNY 12K club.

Henry won't hit 12,000 minutes unless he sticks around for next season - which would also be a good way to ensure the time RBNY got run off the field by Columbus in Harrison doesn't get permanently attached to the story of Titi's career as a Red Bull.

Just sayin', captain: there are good reasons to hang on for 2015. Congrats on 11,000 (mostly) memorable minutes. Hope to see a few more before you go.