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Vote: Who should RBNY protect in the Expansion Draft?

The MLS Expansion Draft is coming up, who would you protect?

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

With NYC FC and Orlando City SC coming to the league in 2015, there will be plenty of off season stuff going on. One of the big drafts that the New York Red Bulls need to worry about is the MLS Expansion Draft. For those unfamiliar, the expansion draft allows the new teams to select current MLS players as a way of building their rosters. In preparation for the Expansion draft, teams need to designate which players would be protected (meaning they can't be selected). On a roster of 25-30 players, picking 11 to keep is pretty tough, so it's time for the fans to be Petke and decide who they want to keep.

We'll be following the rules from the 2011 MLS Expansion Draft.

  • Teams are allowed to protect 11 players.
  • Generation Adidas players are automatically protected.
    • The Red Bulls don't have any Generation Adidas players. All three of the Red Bulls past GA players (Jeremy Hall, Tony Tchani, Corey Hertzog) are no longer with the team.
  • Homegrown players on the off-budget roster are automatically protected and don't count against the 11.
    • Information about "off-budget" is hard to find, so for this, we're assuming that all homegrown players are protected.
    • Homegrown Players:
      • Connor Lade
      • Matt Miazga
      • Santiago Castano
  • DPs have to be protected if they have a no-trade clause.
    • We're assuming that Henry & Cahill do not have no-trade clauses.

Assumption: In the case of an expiring contract (e.g. Thierry Henry), we're assuming that they are involved in the Expansion Draft and either will be protected/unprotected.

So here's what to do. If you want a player protected, vote them up (blue thumbs up). If you want to leave a player unprotected, vote a player down (red thumbs down). Voting is open until October 29th.

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