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Thierry Henry ties Juan Pablo Angel's record for scoring consistency for New York Red Bulls

For the fourth season in a row, Henry has scored at least 10 goals for RBNY. That has only happened once before...

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Thierry Henry's tenth goal of the 2014 MLS season was a routine tap-in:

It won the game for the New York Red Bulls, at a time when the team very much needed a win - and that is likely all the captain cares about, now and forever. He came to RBNY to win trophies he and the club had never before won.

In 2014, there is only one such trophy still available to the Red Bulls, but first they must accumulate sufficient points to make the playoffs. All Henry wants right now is to win games.

Still, he's been playing for the Red Bulls since 2010, and has now reached a point in his career for the team where almost everything he does is of significance. He's (as of October 4, 2014) the second-highest goal scorer in the history of RBNY, the all-time leading assist-maker, joint-eleventh on the all-time appearances list, and eighth on the all-time minutes-played chart. And he is the only captain the club has ever had to lead it to a major trophy: the 2013 Supporters' Shield.

After his tenth goal of 2014, he is also the second player in the club's history to score double-digit goals in four consecutive seasons.

Juan Pablo Angel was the first player to do so for RBNY, scoring more than 10 goals in each of his four seasons with the team from 2007 to 2010.

Now Henry has matched JPA's club record for scoring consistency, hitting at least 10 goals for the fourth year in a row.

Well done, captain. Why not stick around for 2015 and see if you can conjure another 10?