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Vote for Dax McCarty: 2014 MLS Goal of the Year

Remember when Dax McCarty unleashed his inner Brazilian on the Revs? MLS does, and you can vote to keep the memory alive a little longer.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Vote for Dax!

Or, rather, vote for his Brazilian alter ego: Daxinho.

Yes, Dax McCarty's extraordinary top-corner chip to bring the 10-man New York Red Bulls back to level terms with New England Revolution in a game that had gone every sort of wrong for RBNY up to that point is up for MLS's 2014 Goal of the Year!

We're still in the first round of voting, but the window for casting the votes needed to advance Dax's magnificent effort to the second round of the competition will close on November 2.

So vote for Dax! He's in Group I.

Did you vote yet? Vote now!

And don't forget to give yourself a shot at tickets to the 2014 MLS Cup final.