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Vote for Tim Cahill: FIFA Puskas Award

FIFA's 2014 Goal of the Year includes THAT World Cup goal by Tim Cahill...

Jamie McDonald

Tim Cahill hasn't had too many memorable moments in a RBNY jersey so far this season (still time, Tim - save the best for last), but he is a persistent threat to the highlight reels whenever he pulls on the shirt of the Australian national team.

His goal against the Netherlands in this summer's World Cup was one of the goals of the tournament. Understandably, it is one of the nominees for FIFA's 2014 Puskas Award, or Goal of the Year in common parlance.

There are no duds on the shortlist, which includes Camilo Sanvezzo's scissor-volley for Vancouver Whitecaps against Portland Timbers last October: MLS's 2013 Goal of the Year.

And Stephanie Roche's extraordinary effort for Peamount United, which might have been denied its deserved moment of glory but for the modern wonder of affordable, portable filming devices.

Incidentally, Roche scored on the same day that Cahill delivered his most impressive highlight for RBNY (to date - again, there's still time to make 2014 your best year as a Red Bull, Tim), October 20, 2013:

So vote for Tim! It's not his fault his best goal of 2013 was only the second best goal of the day he scored it. Nor is it his fault his best of 2014 was scored for his country.

Go on: give Cahill your click.