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Vote for Dax: 2014 MLS Goal of the Year (Semifinal)

Dax's supreme chip against the Revs is still alive in the MLS Goal of the Year competition. Keep the run going: vote McCarty.


Vote (again) for Dax!

Daxinho, the red-headed Brazilian who occasionally takes over the #11 shirt for the New York Red Bulls, has rolled into the semifinals of MLS's Goal of the Year competition.

The goal in question: that superlative chip from outside the area to the top corner of a distant net.

Oddly, Daxinho's goal is the only one in this semifinal group not to have been scored against Houston Dynamo. This allows for brief reflection on the plight of Dynamo fans this season: not only did they watch their team miss out on the playoffs, and lose the only head coach the club has ever known, but they also appear to have watched a disproportionate number of very good goals scored by opponents.

So a vote for Daxinho is not just a vote for a special strike by one of RBNY's most popular players. Nor is it simply a vote for the hope that he might conjure the same magic against the same opposition (New England Revolution) in the upcoming Eastern Conference playoff final.

It is a compassionate vote: to release Dynamo fans from the agony of 2014. Wipe the slate clean for the innocents in Houston; take their pain away by purging the memory of all those wonder-goals they observed their team concede this season: vote for Dax McCarty.

Don't delay. You have until 11:59 pm on Saturday, November 15, to register your vote.

And don't forget to take a shot at winning tickets for the MLS Cup final.