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Vote for Thierry Henry: 2014 MLS Goal of the Year (Semifinal)

He's still in it. He still needs your help.

Yes, we're talking about you again
Yes, we're talking about you again
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Vote for the captain!

That goal - the one he scored against Sporting Kansas City from the sort of angle and distance you're not really supposed to try to shoot from - is still in MLS's Goal of the Year competition.

This is the semifinal round: the winner of this vote moves into the final group of four. YOUR vote can make the captain part of that final group.

There are, as you would expect for the latter stage of Goal of the Year competition, other candidates. Good goals, worthy contenders - not a word to say against any of them.

But only one nominee in the last group of semifinalists is Thierry Henry: captain of the New York Red Bulls.

Vote for the captain.

Also, give yourself a chance to win tickets to the MLS Cup final.

Then vote for the captain again.

You have until 11:59 pm on Wednesday, November 19 to get your vote(s) in. Don't delay! Vote for Thierry Henry.