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Thierry Henry drops the mic

Titi knew there was only one question anyone wanted to ask him after the New England game, and he wasn't in a mood to answer it.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

I can't remember when Thierry Henry stopped answering the "are you retiring?" question, but it hasn't stopped it being asked. After. Every. Damn. Game.

He's clearly been tired of hearing the question for some time. And after the New York Red Bulls got bounced out of the playoffs in New England, ending the 2014 season and Thierry Henry's current contract, the captain would have to be a very stupid man indeed not to anticipate what would be on the minds of the gathered media throng in the locker room.

He's an old pro. He's been around. He's knows how to handle himself in front of the press. And he knows he wants to decide his future on his own terms - which is not, apparently, in the locker room of a stadium he's never been particularly keen on playing in.

We'll find out what the captain is planning soon enough. Until then: Bravo. That might just be the best post-game press conference ever seen in MLS.

Missing you already, Titi. Whatever you plan on doing, it won't keep you in New York long enough for us to get tired of you.