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Vote for Luis Robles: 2014 MLS Save of the Year (Semifinal round)

He made 111 saves in the regular season, and two of them are bundled together into this nomination for Save of the Year...

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

That escalated quickly: MLS's Goal of the Year competition started with 32 nominees, narrowed itself down to 16 candidates, and is now poised to jump straight to a Final Four.

The good news: Luis Robles made the first cut. The more good news: YOU have the ability to get him through to the final round. Best news of all: it will cost you just two clicks - vote here.

His superb double-save - to deny Marco Pappa and Clint Dempsey - from Week 28's home win over Seattle Sounders is in Group 2 of the Save of the Year Semifinal.

Vote Robles!

Only one save will move on to the final round, and you have until 11:59 pm on November 9 to make it the only example of Luis Robles's work that was eligible for this competition.

Vote Robles!

And, since it's really two saves, I am sure MLS won't mind at all if you try to vote again.