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2014 OaM Awards: Offensive Player of the Year

Where there is two obvious choices.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The third day of our 2014 end of season awards bring us to the Offensive Player of the Year. To qualify for this award, a player must be either a forward or midfield player, must have played a significant amount of minutes, and not have qualified for the MVP award.

2014 End of Year Awards:

Austin Fido - Thierry Henry

Henry makes this team tick. Since he arrived in 2010, the tactical requirement of the coaching staff has been to get the most out of Henry.

This year, we got a single-season assist record and a single-minded determination to go out on a high. It didn't work out, but he gave us what he promised: his full attention until the end. He didn't let this season turn into an extended eulogy to his career, despite almost constant invitation. Instead, he did his damnedest to give us a year to remember. And when that required taking a playmaking role because the hottest scorer in the club’s history had materialized up front - he did so.

The "Henry effect" is bunk. But the effect of Henry of this team is undeniable.

Jason Iapicco - Bradley Wright-Phillips

BWP is the first foreign player in MLS to score 27 goals. He was the first Red Bull player to score more than 20 goals in a season. His 31 goals between MLS Regular Season & Playoffs was 2 away from the all time record. His 27 regular season goals was good for 49% of the Red Bulls total goals scored in the regular season. What else needs to be said?

Mat Coyne - Bradley Wright-Phillips

Bradley Wright-Phillips scored 27 goals. He’s the team’s offensive MVP and there’s really no disputing that.

Tim Dean - Thierry Henry

Austin has already done a pretty damn good job of refuting the "Henry effect," but still doesn't mean the guy isn't damn valuable to the team. One of the best to ever play the game, he’s always brought a relentless professionalism to the team and the league as well as about the best example of "do as I do leadership" as you’re likely to see. This season was no different. The fact that the team’s offense exploded as soon as Henry moved out left is no coincidence. They guy just knows how to read and play the game and makes his whole team better for it.

Verdict: Tie between Thierry Henry & Bradley Wright-Phillips.

Do you agree with the Once a Metro staff about the tie for Offensive Player of the Year? Let us know in the comments.