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Ambroise Oyongo wears clothes

In which we explore the sartorial preferences of a young soccer pro...

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Ambroise Oyongo is a 23-year-old, professional soccer player for the New York Red Bulls. He also plays, when asked, for his country, Cameroon.

And he wears clothes. Sometimes, he wears clothes for work.

Sometimes he wears a lot of clothes.

Bad day#bad training#am cold#

A photo posted by Ambroise Oyongo Bitolo (@bibizaine03) on

Sometimes he wears few clothes.

Recently, he wore these clothes.

Egad! A Real Salt Lake jersey! What does it mean?

The New York Red Bulls, a MLS soccer team, took a moment to respond to an inquiry from a professional journalist on the subject of the clothes worn by Ambroise Oyongo.

It is official: Ambroise Oyongo wears clothes. Once A Metro will keep you informed of any future developments to this story.