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Bradley Wright-Phillips's Dad does a pretty good Mike Petke impression

Think you hear the sound of a RBNY off-season barrel being scraped? You might be right. Bear with us...

Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

For those who don't know, Bradley Wright-Phillips has a famous father: Ian Wright, the man who was Arsenal's all-time leading scorer until Thierry Henry came along. He works in media now - mainly soccer stuff - and is a popular figure in the mainstream of the UK's soccer-celebrity industrial complex. Evidence for this? He is a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE), which means he isn't quite a "Sir", but he's closer to it than most. And he has almost one million Twitter followers.

Speaking of Twitter. A couple of days ago, Ian Wright, MBE, issued an opinion about the current management of the club at which he made his name.

Harsh words. But Arsenal is having a difficult season by its standards (certainly more difficult than Chelsea's) and many fans aren't too thrilled with the club at the moment.

His wrath wasn't limited to Arsenal. He also took a moment to have it out with a bus rental company.

Wright's 955,000 Twitter followers were more interested in the Arsenal stuff. And there was more Arsenal stuff.

Some fans, as fans are wont to do, rallied to the defense of their club. But Wright was in no mood to back down.

He got a few responses to that invitation.

This might be the point where a pundit decides things have gone a little too far, and deletes a tweet or two, falls back on the "I was hacked" defense, or starts lobbying for certain individuals to be kicked off Twitter.

Not Ian Wright. He seemed to take the assault on his notifications in his stride. He owned up to the real cause of the whole affair...

...and owned every word he'd Tweeted.

One gets the impression Ian Wright and Mike Petke would get along quite well.