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Bulls Abroad: Tim Cahill is still talking, still not saying much (about New York Red Bulls)

Another day, another Tim Cahill interview in which he doesn't say he's coming back to Harrison to win a trophy for the team...

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Australian soccer superstar, Tim Cahill, is keeping up a busy round of media appearances Down Under. He's got Asian Cup ahead of him, and is perhaps the only member of the Socceroos squad for the tournament not currently tied up with club duty. So Cahill is doing a lot of talking.

The latest iteration: an interview with Melbourne-based radio station, SEN 1116AM.

It is 10 minutes of mostly standard chat about Cahill's soccer academy and his thoughts on Australia's chances in Asian Cup.

But there are a couple of moments where he strays into discussion of his relationship with the New York Red Bulls.

Asked about how he's planning to finish out his career (around the 4:20 mark), Cahill responds at length, describing the "vision" he brings to every club he's ever joined. In the case of RBNY, he mentions that vision was "because I wanted to play in another World Cup." (He has mentioned this before.)

"Now my next decision will be what's best for my football internationally, and also for me and the family," he continues (around 5:00).

Still not sounding a lot like a guy who is looking forward to captaining the New York Red Bulls through their first  season in the post-Henry era. But maybe that's his way of saying he's got another year to run on his contract with RBNY and he isn't thinking too specifically about what happens after that because he is focused on continuing the club's upward trajectory since he joined.

Kick on another 30 seconds or so in the interview (close to 5:35), and there is a hint of the options that might be weighing on his mind, comments that might even go some way to validating the perception that he was perhaps not as focused on RBNY in 2014 as he was the year before (when he was the team's MVP):

"I still feel, after not being able to go on loan to the Premier League just after the World Cup because we wanted to try and win MLS Cup, I've still got those sort of chances ahead of me."

Or maybe that's his way of saying he turned down the Premier League because he wanted to bring MLS Cup to Red Bull Arena.

There were reports linking Cahill to the EPL over the summer. But his name has come up as a possible on-loan returnee to the league pretty much ever since he left it, so they didn't seem like much more than standard Brit-press page-filler.

There may have been more to those reports than at first thought. And Cahill may be banking on a strong showing in Asian Cup to revive the attention he received after scoring that goal in June.