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Sal Zizzo is bringing the Metro to the New York Red Bulls

Sal Zizzo's social media game is strong

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

The newest Red Bull, Sal Zizzo, is getting ready for the big move from Kansas City to New York.

Good to know he's heading this way with a positive attitude. Even better to know: he's done his homework about his new team.

The New York Red Bulls stopped treating their MetroStar past like an embarrassing college yearbook picture ("That thing? Yeah...we were was the fashion back then. Wouldn't be seen dead it now, of course.") this season. Perhaps encouraged by Thierry Henry's use of the old red and black on his bespoke captain's armband, the club has started to enjoy having a bit more history than it did when it was pretending it invented itself in 2006.

The process of accepting the old Metro colors is still in its early stages, but Sal Zizzo has made a contribution before even kicking a ball in anger for RBNY.  He has turned his Twitter profile into a tribute to the club's bifurcated history.

Well played, Mr. Zizzo. If you soccer as well as you Twitter, we're going to have some fun in 2015.