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No moves for RBNY in Re-Entry Draft Stage 2

All quiet on the Eastern front.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The 2nd Stage of the 2014 MLS Re-Entry Draft was today, but you could be excused for not knowing hearing about it, because the New York Red Bulls were quiet and didn't select anyone. Coupled with the first stage, the Red Bulls have not picked anyone up through the re-entry draft this year. They were so quiet that some even wondered if they were on the conference call.

One can't really blame the Red Bulls for not picking players up as there wasn't a lot of good options to choose from. There were some known MLS names selected like Natahan Sturgis, but the Red Bulls were so far down the draft order (#15) that any decent player would've been selected before it was their turn. Not picking anyone up fits the recent model of picking the right guys. If it pays off will have to be seen as the Red Bulls could use depth going into the transfer window. What do you think of the Red Bulls not picking anyone? Let us know in the comments.