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Where are you, Tim Cahill?

All we know: he's not hanging out at the Arena answering questions...

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The New York  Red Bulls gave the 2014 squad one last round of media availability at Red Bull Arena. The event was well described by Howard Megdal for Capital New York.

All eyes were on Thierry Henry, as expected. And - per Megdal - the time spent on getting his final thoughts as a Red Bull was given as the reason for Mike Petke not being made available for media questions.

Another notable absentee: Tim Cahill.

The team's 2013 MVP, and the man who memorably defended Kenny Cooper's dignity in the aftermath of the distressing 2012 playoff exit, wasn't at RBNY's final media event of 2014.

There could be any number of reasons for this. People get busy, especially internationally acclaimed footballers with major tournaments looming.

Cahill, as it happens, has been busy. An interview with Australia's Daily Telegraph brings news of the pending launch of the "Shoreditch by Tim Cahill", a new clothing line for Shoreditch London, a company Cahill has been working with for a while now.

Over on Twitter, Cahill was part of a picture taken at what was presumably the team's last get together before the squad disperses for the off-season.

Since then, his social media activity has largely focused on promoting the activities of another one of his off-field projects: youth soccer.

He will shortly be called up to Australia's squad for the 2015 Asia Cup, and he doubtless has preparations to make for what will be a lengthy stint back in his home country.

So there are all manner of reasons he might not have been available for RBNY's last team media event of 2014. Including a very serious one: a tragedy which has shaken Australian sport and global cricket, and was the reason Cahill was wearing a black armband against New England in his last match.

His mildly evasive comments about his future with the club after the Red Bulls' last game of the season need not be considered in any way connected to this absence.

His absence is evidence of nothing more than having other things to do with his time. And it would be surprising if he allowed the continued speculation about his club future to interfere with his preparation for the January tournament that is likely to be his international swansong.

All that may be said is Tim Cahill didn't take the opportunity to set the record straight on his plans for 2015, and until he does, we won't really know the core identity of next season's RBNY roster.