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MLS sets a date for 2015 regular season schedule

The league has finally figured out a schedule for next season, or at least it has figured out when it will have figured it out...

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Like the man said: we know the date that we'll know the dates when the New York Red Bulls will be playing MLS in 2015.

The league has decided it likes the sound of January 7 as a date for publishing its regular season schedule.

Well done, MLS. We were getting a little antsy. And now we can relax and mark the calendar for the day when we will get to mark our calendars with a freshly minted RBNY schedule for 2015.

January 7: the day we get to see what lies between March 8 (season-opener @ Sporting Kansas City) and March 22 (home opener vs. D.C. United), and beyond.