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Happy New Year from (selected) New York Red Bulls

The New Year is fast approaching, and even the occasional Red Bull has noticed. Here's a glance at what RBNY have been offering by way of best wishes for 2015...

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The New Year approaches and a few RBNY players have taken a moment to wish you well, dear reader. Here's a look at those who did, as well as a few who haven't quite got round to it yet.

It is possible Armando got a new coat for Christmas:

Ruben Bover has high hopes for the next 12 months...

...and, as his Christmas tweet suggests, he's got a fair amount of backing for those hopes.

Tim Cahill is channeling his 2014 highlight into thoughts for the New Year.

Ian Christianson has other things on his mind... does Chris Duvall, based on his most recent tweet.

Connor Lade is hanging out in Hungary.

Budapest is incredible! It's going to be a fun New Years Eve!

A photo posted by @clade5 on

Dax McCarty had an irish coffee in San Francisco a while back and hasn't been heard from since.

Irish coffee at the Buena Vista on the windiest day in San Francisco history.

A photo posted by Dax McCarty (@daxmccarty) on

BWP  is trading salutations with friends.

All the best for 2015 from Once A Metro, too.

See you in the New Year.