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Predictions: NY at Chicago 2014-03-23

Can the Red Bulls pick up their first year on the road at Chicago? Can they get their first win at Toyota Park, and their first in Chicago since May 2005? The Once a Metro staff makes their predictions.

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Every game during the 2014 New York Red Bulls season will be predicted by Jason Iapicco, Matt Coyne, Tim Dean, Austin Fido, and Red Bull Rant co-hosts Patrick MacDonald, and Truman. We'll be tracking how well we do, awarding points for each prediction. For each game, 1 point will be awarded for correctly predicting a Win, Loss, or Draw; and 2 points for a correct score prediction. Let's take a look at predictions for the first game.

Date: March 23, 2014

Opponent: Chicago Fire

Stadium: Red Bull Arena

TV: MSG, UniMas

Kick Off: 3:00 pm Eastern

Matt Coyne: 1-1 Draw

Look, I realize it's only the third game of the year, but I'm not particularly impressed with the team so far. It doesn't matter how many nice overlapping runs your fullbacks make if you can't bang in one, single goal on 29 crosses. But you know what? I'm pretty nonplussed by Chicago. Aside from Mike Magee, I'm not terribly worried about them.That said, I don't think the Red Bulls will play badly enough to lose. But I don't think they'll play well enough to win, either, which is the real problem.

Tim Dean: 1-0 Win

I'm keeping it positive for one more match. Chicago doesn't look all that impressive and they won't have Nyarko to burn our slow back line. Magee might finally return to the pitch, but I don't see him making a repeat of his 2013, MVP season. Henry will notch his second of the year early on in the match and the rest will be a snoozefest. Keep an eye out for Armando's first red card of the season for yet another kick to the balls.

Austin Fido: 2-1 Loss

I feel better now. All that new-season optimism was getting cloying. It's gone now. We're going to Chicago to get thumped by a young team finding its way under a new manager. And that's OK. I hope it's close, but even if it's not, this is the path the team must follow to access the righteous fury it's going to need to kick itself up a notch and start challenging for some silverware. Beat us, Chicago. Beat us like you did last year when we came to see you. Beat us like WE beat you on the last day of last season. And then watch what we do with all that rage as the title race unfolds.

For the predictions of Jason Iapicco, Patrick MacDonald, and Truman, tune into this week's episode of the Red Bull Rant.