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Predictions Review: NY at Chicago - 2014-03-23

The Red Bulls continue their slow start of the 2014 season with a 1-1 draw away to Chicago.

Every game during the season will be predicted by Jason Iapicco, Matt Coyne, Tim Dean, Austin Fido, and Red Bull Rant co-hosts Patrick MacDonald, and Truman. We'll be tracking how well we do, awarding points for each prediction. For each game, 1 point will be awarded for correctly predicting a Win, Loss, or Draw; and 2 points for a correct score prediction.

Predictions for Chicago Away

Correct predictions are marked with bold italic text.

  • Matt Coyne: 1-1 Draw
  • Tim Dean: 1-0 Win
  • Austin Fido: 2-1 Loss
  • Jason Iapicco: 2-2 Draw
  • Patrick MacDonald: 1-0 Win
  • Truman: 1-1 Draw


Changes Since Last Week:

  • Truman: No Change
  • Matt Coyne: Up 1
  • Patrick MacDonald: Down 2
  • Jason Iapicco: No Change
  • Tim Dean: Down 2
  • Austin Fido: Down 2

Points Trend