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Red Bull Rant 88: I’ll take The Red Bulls for 200 Alex

The Red Bull Rant crew is back to preview the 2014 season.

Henry isn't a fan of Billy Haisley
Henry isn't a fan of Billy Haisley
Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

The crew is back in the 2014 season preview. They first talk about a Corey Hertzog signing in the Disney Pro Soccer Classic. RBNY & MSG have a new TV deal, and MLS might have to go with replacement referees. Truman & Pat go off on a Deadspin writer about his anti-MLS post. Frank Giase of the Star Ledger and joins the conversation to talk about the calm offseason, a post-Henry era, the depature of the team GM, and his season predictions. Then the guys give their predictions, including their dark horse player. Lastly it's time for the first match prediction of 2014 as the guys look at the Vancouver match.

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