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The away jersey: RBNY's key to victory!

The Red Bull have not played in the 2014 away jersey, and that might be why they haven't won.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

After six games, the New York Red Bulls are 0-2-4, good for 4 points. There are two common threads in those six games. First, a lot of possession by the Red Bulls with nothing to show for it. Second, the Red Bulls have not once this year worn their new away kit, despite being on the road four times this year.

Superstition is a common theme in sports. The NHL has the ever popular playoff beard. Fans pray for their favorite teams, hold their breath, cross their fingers, anything that will help their luck. Maybe it's time for the Red Bulls to follow that idea and stop wearing a kit that hasn't brought them a win in 2014.

Everyone remembers the first appearance of yellow for the Red Bulls that wasn't in the logo, the 2011 Emirates Cup match against Arsenal (1-1 Draw). Ever since then, fans (for the most part) have loved when the team broke out the yellow shorts, and treated them like a good luck charm. It's probably why the Red Bulls took the bold step of making the color & shorts an official part of the 2014-2015 away kit (see leading image).

So, why haven't the team worn their new kits? The White kit is their home kit and they will never go away from that at home. On the road, so far they have played teams that wear dark or similar colors, preventing their use. Unless they decide to wear the new kit all of a sudden, we could actually not see the new away kit until May 4th, when they play at FC Dallas (they wear Red/White at home).

Obviously wearing a different jersey won't really affect the play on the field, but it can't hurt, right? I mean, it's not like the Red Bulls have been facing a host of injuries, a severe lack of finishing, or any other problems right now.