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The possible trade of Ryan Meara?

If rumors are to be true, Ryan Meara may be on the trading block.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

If Philip Cunha's sources are right, the New York Red Bulls signing another GK would mean the Red Bulls would have a total of four rosters on their active roster. Aside from starter Luis Robles, the Red Bulls currently also employ Ryan Meara and Santiago Castaño. It doesn't makes sense to keep 4 keepers on the roster, especially when Ryan Meara is acting as a backup.

Ryan Meara, a proven commodity in MLS with the potential to grow, is a valuable asset to have to trade, and the idea of flipping him isn't a new one. I spoke about it with Dave Martinez on last week's Red Bull Rant. Given the signing of another goalkeeper, could this be the end of Meara's time with the team?

Logic would suggest yes. He's making $69,500 this year, which isn't a lot of money, but enough to move the needle in MLS with it's low salary cap. Dumping his salary could make enough cap space for a third Designated Player. Also, since he's a proven asset, the team could turn him around for some cheaper pieces to fill specific roles if they decide not to use the space towards a DP.

This is of course all speculation, and we could very well see him stay with the US Open Cup and CONCACAF Champions League to play for this year, but it seems clear that the writing is on the wall for Ryan Meara.