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Predictions: NY vs Houston

The Red Bulls face off against the Houston Dynamo in a rematch against the team that bounced the them out of the 2013 playoffs.

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Every game during the 2014 New York Red Bulls season will be predicted by Jason Iapicco, Matt Coyne, Tim Dean, Austin Fido, and Red Bull Rant co-hosts Patrick MacDonald, and Truman. We'll be tracking how well we do, awarding points for each prediction. For each game, 1 point will be awarded for correctly predicting a Win, Loss, or Draw; and 2 points for a correct score prediction. Let's take a look at predictions for the upcoming game.

Date: April 22, 2014

Opponent: Houston Dynamo

Stadium: Red Bull Arena


Kick Off: 7:30 pm Eastern

Matt Coyne: 2-0 Win

The Dynamo got off to a great start. Then the wheels fell off. Since starting 2-0, they've gone 0-3-1, losing three straight before mustering a scoreless draw against the Philadelphia Union, during which the finishing was comical. The Red Bulls are better than the Dynamo. They should win. It helps that they've had a week off, while the Dynamo played Saturday.

Tim Dean: 2-0 Win

New York got their first taste of victory last week so they'll be hungry for more. Luis Robles gets his first clean sheet and Will Bruin continues to be a chump.

Austin Fido: 2-1 Win

They're bigger than us, I think Houston will find a goal, but there is a playoff loss to avenge.

For the predictions of Jason Iapicco, Patrick MacDonald, and Truman, tune into the latest episode of the Red Bull Rant.