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Morning Links: 4/30/14

Where we break up your midweek blues with some morning links.

Martin Rose

New York Red Bulls

Mike Petke isn't happy about the five penalty kicks that the Red Bulls have given up.

Petke will also have a big decision when Tim Cahill is finally fit to play.


NFL star Andrew Luck is a big fan of the Houston Dynamo.

For those who like the game 2048, there is now a MLS edition.

Colorado Rapids player Shane O'Neil has made good on his Super Bowl bet with the Seattle Sounders' DeAndre Yedlin.

It looks like the Sounders will follow the model laid out by the LA Galaxy and create their own USL Pro team in 2015.

US Soccer

Landon Donovan stated the obvious: the US needs to play well in Brazil.


Soccer America looks at how impressive Sacramento FC's opening day attendance is.

SB Nation's Spencer Hall has a nice presentation on The Istanbul Derby.

Andi Thomas looks at the allegations that Manchester United's players actively undermined David Moyes.

Jack Sargeant says that Italy shouldn't be quick to dismiss Mario Balotelli.

Real Madrid has reached the Champions League final for the first time in 12 years.

English side Crystal Palace is looking to do a preseason tour in the US.