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Predictions: NY at Montreal

It looks like the Red Bulls will be missing 4 starters due to injury & Olympic Stadium's turf. Can the Red Bulls leave Montreal with a positive result?


Every game during the 2014 New York Red Bulls season will be predicted by Jason Iapicco, Matt Coyne, Tim Dean, Austin Fido, and Red Bull Rant co-hosts Patrick MacDonald, and Truman. We'll be tracking how well we do, awarding points for each prediction. For each game, 1 point will be awarded for correctly predicting a Win, Loss, or Draw; and 2 points for a correct score prediction. Let's take a look at predictions for the upcoming game.

Date: March 30, 2014

Opponent: Montreal Impact

Stadium: Olympic Stadium


Kick Off: 4:00 pm Eastern

Matt Coyne: 1-1 Draw

I keep going with these draws and it's kind of working, so I'll stick with it this weekend, too. Basically, the Montreal Impact haven't played great this season. They've lost three and drawn once. Granted, they lost to two pretty good (so far) teams in the Houston Dynamo and FC Dallas. But they lost 2-0 to the Seattle Sounders, who are in a similar situation to the Red Bulls points-wise.

But the Sounders were only without Clint Dempsey. They won't be without their star striker, defensive stalwart and the team's heart and soul. For that reason, I expect the Red Bulls to continue playing well enough not to lose, but too poorly to win.

Tim Dean: 3-1 Loss

No Tim Cahill, no Thierry Henry, no Jamison Olave, no Richard Eckersley (phew!) I missing anyone? Marco Di Vaio is going to have plenty of fun this Saturday. Our back four? Less so. I'd love to be optimistic, but this match reeks of a loss.

Austin Fido: 2-0 Loss

I am often wrong, and I really hope that is the case this time, but the Red Bulls looks like just the sort of visitor Montreal needs right now: not in great form, missing key players in key positions, a little sloppy in defense and wayward in attack.

For the predictions of Jason Iapicco, Patrick MacDonald, and Truman, tune into this week's episode of the Red Bull Rant.