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3 Thoughts: NY at Montreal

The New York Red Bulls & Montreal Impact played to a 2-2 draw at Olympic Stadium in Montreal. Here are Jason Iapicco's 3 Thoughts on the match.


A Tale of 2 Peguys

Last week, Peguy Lyundiula scored his first goal in the run of play for the New York Red Bulls. Now he has two in as many weeks. After going down 1 goal early, Peguy took a 1-on-2, beating Troy Perkins after almost losing control of the ball. The play changed the momentum of the game, and put NY on the front foot against an all of a poor Montreal Impact back line. Early in the second half, the Red Bulls got their first Penalty Kick of the season after Bradley Wright-Phillips was brought down in the box. Peguy stepped up to take the Penalty Kick, and put it right on the post, where it bounced out. He sold Perkins, and had the right side of the net completely open, but couldn't put it away. For all the positives about Peguy thus far, he had a very mixed bag type of day.

Porous Defense

While the Red Bulls held Montreal to only 2 goals, they allowed Montreal to have too many chances. Montreal managed to get off 21 total shots, 12 of which were shots on target. While they made up for some of it with emergency defending (Ibrahim Sekagya's goal line clearance), they did a poor job. I don't know if it has to do with NY not starting the same back line for four straight games, but they need to fix this aspect, which leads me to my last thought...

Luis Robles

Robles was the reason that the Red Bulls didn't give up at least 4-5 goals in this game. He tallied 9 saves on the day (a career high), and in all honesty was left out to dry on the 2 goals that he let in. Countless times he made a point blank or desperation save. Robles is hands down my man of the match, because he kept this game interesting.