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Red Bull Arena to host Bayern Munich and Chivas Guadalajara

Looks like Harrison will play host to the German champions and one of Mexico's most decorated clubs.

Christ almighty, Franck Ribery is ugly.
Christ almighty, Franck Ribery is ugly.
Alexander Hassenstein

Red Bull Arena's big summer continues.

In a little more than two weeks, the arena will host the United States' second pre-World Cup Send Off Series match against Turkey. Then, July 26, Arsenal will swing by for a friendly against the Red Bulls.

Then, a few days later, German champions Bayern Munich will take on Mexico's Chivas Guadalajara.

Red Bull Arena has hosted friendlies before, but none as high profile as the above three. A World Cup tune-up is an order of magnitude more compelling than a meaningless friendly against Ecuador. As we've noted before, Arsenal's stateside journey will be their first in 25 years. And Bayern isn't known for trips across the Atlantic, but since they've opened an office in New York, this friendly isn't a bad idea.

For those interested, tickets go on sale May 22.